Help your kids understand their emotions

Nurturing emotional intelligence in children gives them the foundation for a strong future


About book

We are transiting from traditional era to digital era. Today, raising a kids is not as easy as you might think. There are tons of situation that can come up and you kid might not be ready to tackle it.

This book help your kids understand more about them and how they can control their feelings. Author is very focused on delivering stories and concepts which will help them understand the world better.


Neha Kandpal

The author is a mother of a 7 yrs old boy. While raising her beautiful child, she noticed that these days kids are very heavily exposed to outer world via internet. Kids are very vulnerable and something find it hard to express their feeling. Because of the communication, something you might not know what your kids is going through. To tackle this situation, she started teaching her child more about how to control emotions and how to communicate better so that both of them can work as a team to fight any situation in this world.

Now, her child knows how to deliver his message to others. He also understand the value of emotions and how he can control them.

How this book can help your kid?

An emotionally intelligent person, therefore, isn’t someone who can just “be happy” all the time. Instead, an emotionally intelligent person can not only clearly identify emotions—both in themselves and in others—they also know how to effectively respond to different emotions.

At any given moment, your mental health is a reflection of emotional balance, or lack thereof, in your life. How you deal with stress—from everyday minor stressors to major life-changing stress—determines a huge portion of your mental health in both the short- and long-term.

  • Practice self-awareness
  • Channel your emotions effectively
  • Learn how to motivate yourself
  • Recognize emotions in others to create healthier relationships
  • Infuse your emotions with values
  • How you deal with stress
  • Recognizing the emotional needs of a friend, family member

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